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Plastic Surgery Untold

Mar 11, 2023

Have you ever heard of a preservation Rhinoplasty? A preservation rhinoplasty preserves tissue and cartilage but changes the foundation of the nose. In a classic rhinoplasty, the dorsum is not preserved, but in a preservation rhino, we take little nibbles of bone and cartilage further toward the base of the nose, changing the support structure. The dorsum is gently repositioned to its support structures. In this procedure, the piezotome is a saw that decreases the amount of swelling and bruising and causes less trauma to the tissue. A good candidate for this procedure is someone who doesn’t need a lot of change to their nose; for example, they have subtle over projection or a slight hump. The goal is to preserve as much natural tissue as possible.  Listen to this podcast as Dr. Weinfeld, Dr. Franco, Dr. Micallef, and Dr. Arredondo discuss this fantastic procedure.