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Plastic Surgery Untold

Jun 10, 2023

On this episode of the Plastic Surgery Untold podcast, our providers discuss the incredible weight loss revolution and how our very own Dr. Franco has successfully shed an astounding 70 pounds on The Skinny Shot. Witness Austin Plastic Surgeon’s unwavering passion for this topic as we introduce Dr. Chang, a board-certified internal medicine doctor, who we have added to our practice and who plays a large role in providing for our skinny shot patients. 


Dr. Franco, Dr. Chang, Dr. Arredondo, and PA Gilbert explore the power of the groundbreaking medication, Semaglutide, and Tirzepatide, which is capable of aiding individuals in losing approximately 15% of their body fat in a year. Listen to the doctors discuss the remarkable benefits and potential side effects of this revolutionary "skinny shot," which acts as a catalyst, kickstarting individuals into a healthy lifestyle.


With our dedicated providers by your side, offering monthly guidance and support, you'll witness the transformative power of little-by-little changes leading to lasting health improvements.