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Plastic Surgery Untold

Dec 29, 2020

Building a business is not for the faint of heart! Today on the podcast, the team welcomes Dr. Kerr, owner of Synergy Plastic Surgery in Austin, Texas. Dr. Kerr, Dr. Franco, and the team discuss the vital components to building and growing a successful plastic surgery empire in today's market. We discuss the...

Dec 22, 2020

We are excited to have the famous Dr. Sarah Saxon a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in facial feminization surgery. She will walk us through this complicated and expanding field of plastic surgery. We also get caught up on all the holiday happenings of our celebrity cast!

Dec 8, 2020

Austin’s celebrity cast walks us through this new normal of virtual meetings!  We never looked at ourselves as much as we do know with video conferencing and the thing most people notice most about themselves is their neck!  Austin’s most beautiful man Gilberto Saenz will walk us through non-surgical treatments...

Dec 1, 2020

Abdominoplasty surgeries can transform an individual’s shape! The removal of the excess skin after pregnancy or weight loss along with the internal corset can have a powerful effect on the waist. A tummy tuck can be combined with liposculpting to create an absolutely  fabulous figure coming and going! Our...

Nov 24, 2020

Welcome back team to the greatest podcast in the world as voted by us! Today we are talking breast reduction surgery. This is a classic plastic surgery procedure as patients are typically incredibly happy after the surgery. We also catch up with the celebrity crew about all  of their shenanigans!