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Plastic Surgery Untold

Oct 22, 2022

This week Plastic Surgery Untold dives deep into a treatment for something most women have. What immediately comes to mind? Did you guess cellulite? Sometimes even the best diets and intensive exercise routines just don't do the trick when you want to get rid of those pesky dimples.

Dr. Johnny Franco, Nurse Sarah Mack, Nurse Sarah Viebrock, and the CEO of Revelle Aesthetics, Caro Van Hove go into great detail about a minimally invasive treatment for cellulite. Avéli is a one-time cellulite treatment for the buttocks, thighs, and outer thighs. Avéli uses a light guided, hand held device manually operated by an expertly trained provider. With this device the provider is able to target and release the bands that cause the cellulite dimples.

Listen in to this weeks episode to hear more about what this incredible treatment can do for your cellulite!