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Plastic Surgery Untold

Jun 18, 2022

Listen up Team, I hope you’re ready for this week’s episode! The Plastic Surgery Untold crew is about to blow your mind with another fact filled episode. This week we are talking about Hyperdilute Radiesse, also known as HD Radiesse. But you may be saying to yourself, “What is HD Radiesse? Is it any different than the Radiesse we’ve all heard of before?” The short answer is yes… and no. 

At its core it is still the same Radiesse you may be familiar with, but in its hyper dilute state it is quite different. Listen as we explain what HD Radiesse actually is, discuss the differences between the two, the many added benefits and treatment options that hyper dilute Radiesse opens up. The PSU crew will cover all the new and innovative uses for Radiesse that would not be feasible in its pure form. 

This episode is chock full of, as Dr Franco would say, little nuggets of great information. You will not want to miss it!